Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fullerton College Choir singers comment on the Spittal Competition and Incantato Performance Tour

The competition was absolutely wonderful, and I was very pleased to share our music not only to our new friends from around the world, but also to the audience in Spittal. Our hosts for this competition did a wonderful job in getting us organized for this competition, and I will miss them very much. What amazed me about this competition was the amazing performances from the choirs around the world, especially on Saturday night in which it was a tough competition. Everyone did such a great job. I was very thrilled that my choir was able put on a magnificent performance, and I couldn't be any happier to represent the USA with our incredible music. I would like to thank John Tebay, our wonderful director, for getting us prepared for this competition, and I couldn't have asked for a better director. I will enjoy the rest of this tour, but there is no doubt that the highlight of this tour will always be the competition in Spittal- Daniel Agee

So this trip was an experience of a lifetime from the sightseeing in Munich to singing in various venues as well as the competition in Spittal.  Overall this trip has been a highlight in my life so far and I hope I can be able to come back and visit. -Alexander Tupuola

Yay!!! This entire time, I have felt so blessed and lucky to be able to sing at all of these wonderful and beautiful places with such a talented group of people. Sometimes, when listening to recordings from the competition, I can't even believe that it's us singing. I am so proud of what we've been able to accomplish and thankful for what
we've been able to experience. I love the people, the music, and the beauty that surrounds us all the time! I could stay here forever, 
except that I miss my boyfriend and loved ones so much haha-Christine Li

This whole experience has been LIFE CHANGING!!! I can't even put the correct words together to express how happy this trip has made me. There are still four days left ahead for us and I'm expecting to have a wonderful time in Vienna! This wonderful experience has brought me closer to my friends and I'm so grateful to have made new connections while in Austria. I'll miss the support and enthusiasm of audiences when I return to California... I can't wait to return to Austria! I'll be leaving my heart behind so I'll need to come back soon for it! -Trinidad Cano

During the 2 days of the competition, I was able to meet people from several choirs; Germany, Indonesia, Latvia, but especially Slovenia! When I first introduced myself to the directress and choir, they thought I was being sarcastic because USA had placed 1st and Slovenia placed 7th, but I was truly thanking them for the wonderful music they shared. We quickly became the best of friends and I will deeply miss the Slovenian group :) I know I will definitely have a place to stay when I return to Europe. As for our choir, I thank you for the time we
shared,  the new friendships i've started and for the amazing Mr. Tebay. I love you all! 
-Andrew S. Medina

The past week has been the most inspiring experience of my life. Hearing so many different beautiful choirs performing pieces of their culture, as well as seeing sights that make you feel so small and ignorant as to the rest of the world outside of Fullerton has been a crazy experience that will never be forgotten. However, I truly believe that the most life changing experiences that took place this trip were the bonds that I formed with people in my own choir.  So many times we go through life trying to "stick to what we know", stripping ourselves of some of the best experiences and personalities we will ever encounter.  This past week has helped to mold bonds that I will have with people for many years to come, and memories that will inspire many bedtime stories to many future generations of Fullerton College singers-Gregory Fletcher

Waking up to a creation that I have only seen in pictures has been such a humbling and awakening experience for me. In the time that I have spent here I have discovered another extended layer of what is God's Will for my life, and the beauty that is His love in both Germany and Austria. Every church, stage, and street corner that we
have sung on has been a priceless gift that I would never give back. The relationships that have blossomed with people from around the world and within this very choir have been stories all their own, but 
those can be told another time-Maria Quintanilla

We came to Europe with the intention to change our audiences' lives; I surely didn't expect our performances and experiences to touch me so deeply... The power of music is truly incredible and overwhelming. -Josh Small

I feel so blessed and overwhelmed to have had the chance to experience the most amazing moments with my choir family! Our whole trip has been life changing and I will hold on to the time when we sang and touched
so many hearts! :) - Natalie Uranga

This trip has changed my life. I've made many new friends and grown closer to the friends I already had.
- Jeff Bley

It was such a wonderful experience to be able to share our music with so many different people from such a variety of of places. To know that we moved people and touched their lives tells me that we did exactly heat we came here to do. It has been such a great opportunity to meet and make friends with people from other countries, and become closer with my fellow fullerton college choir students. What an amazing, life changing moment that we have all gotten to share with one another. -Breanne Hansen

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