Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fullerton Students say Hello and share impressions, love and special moments from their 2011 Incantato Tour to Germany and Austria

Hi Beautiful Family!! I Love you! Thank you for everything!
- Natalie
Hi Mom! i am fine. Don't worry. --Lyle

Germany. Two thumbs up.
- JX

Never in my life did I expect to be in such an amazing choir in anamazing country.

It's the trip of a life time; I couldn't think of better people to

have gone with... I love you all! -Josh

This is definitiv one the greatest experiences of my life so far thank God -Lex

This trip has me rediscovering the power of music in some of the most beautiful places in the world with people I love dearly, and I couldn't be more thankful ; ) -Alexa
What a joy it is to be blessed and be a blessing in one of the most breathtaking places I have ever layed eyes on. God is good. Miss my Family!! -Maria
Germany has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and it's been both exciting and humbling to sing in beautiful churches and castles that have hundreds of years of history! I miss my family and those I love sooo much, but it's a blessing to see where my family came from! - Felicia :)
I love Europe so much, I think I may pretend to lose my passport so that I won't be able to leave the country lol... Every corner I turn I'm so breathetaken, it's still unbelievable that I'm here and I'm so greatful for it :) Thank you again to everyone who helped me get here :) and Daniel, the minute i get home I'll let you play the bird game on my phone k bud! Miss ya kid. Love you Medina Family!:) See ya soon. -Andrew

Germany has been a life changing experience for me, and we're only on the fourth day of the tour. Imagines traveling a country, doing what you love most, with people who you love and admire and throw in
experiencing it all in places most people only dream of going. I feel extremely blessed to be here and I'll never forget it. I miss my friends and family but it's well worth it to be here -Bijan
I will remember this tour for the rest of my life!! -Jordan

Even though we have only been in Germany for a few days now, everything still feels surreal. I absolutely love being able to see how people here interact and how astonishingly different yet incredibly the same we all are. Everything is simply beautiful; the scenery and people. I know I will have these amazing memories with me forever.
-Molly B.

It comes as no surprise that the greatest of musicians and songs come from these rolling hills and lush mountains. This land is bleeding with serenity and inspiration. Music was never intended to be created in an over populated city. Thank you my dear Family for getting me out here! -Tyler

This Europe trip has been such a moment of growth and independence for me...I have loved every minute! The food and culture are so unique and I feel completely blessed to have this experience. It is soooo beautiful out here, what I wouldn't give to look out to my backyard and see those trees. The only reason I'm going back to the states is for the family and friends I left behind and miss so much!!!! - Breanne

This is truly a life-changing experience. To be able to create music in such beautiful, historial places and to such wonderful people is an honor and a privilege.
-Jeff Bley

The places we've been and the opportunities we've had to share our music with people has been such a priveledge and gift in itself. I'm so lucky and grateful to be here. - Christina Jerome

This wonderful land looks like pictures out of a story book; everything is so beautiful, green and vibrant! There isn't anything I can think of that is more gorgeous than the cathedrals we have had the opportunity to sing in. I look forward to returning home to purchase a bike and ride it everywhere; everyone in Germany seems to have a bike! I feel that within these short (yet exhausting) days that have passed, I have seen somewhat of a change in the person that I am... This excursion has helped me grow and help me "be better than yesterday". I am hoping that some of us will get the chance to watch a live Opera before we return home. Though I miss my mother and father, im sure they will be eager to hear of the amazing experiences that I've had here in this lavish land.
- Trinidad Cano

The moment I stepped into the first church, in Weimar, it finally hit me that we had made it! What an amazing experience to sing in some of the oldest and most beautiful cathedrals in the world. It is amazing how many lives we are touching by the music we sing. After one of the concerts a lady came up to me and said that her husband is very ill and that this was one of the first times she has been out of the house since his illness. She continued by saying that our concert totally blessed her and made her forget about what was going on at home. Experiences like this is making this trip so empowering!
-Danielle Evans

This enchanted country is full of wonderful adventures. I love it here and I never want to leave I thank God He allowed to experience such a beautiful piece of His creation. - Kameron Owens

I thank God for this wonderful opportunity to visit this beautiful country. My favorite moment in this tour would have to be when we took a tour to the Neuschwanstein castle. It's funny that the castle reminded me of the castle at Disneyland, but that was a magical experience! Salzburg is just incredible as well! Very, very beautiful! Because of this tour, there is no doubt that I will return home a completely different person, and I'd like to thank Incantato for this wonderful opportunity.

- Daniel Agee

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