Friday, July 8, 2011

Half-time for the singers from Fullerton College - a quick look back at a magical moment

Joanna Lem, the newest member of the Incantato Tour Team reports from Spittal, Austria about the 2011 Incantato Performance Tour for the Fullerton College Concert Choir. 
The group is now half way through their European adventure! The students have had the opportunity to sing at Herz-Jesu-Kirche in Weimar, Lutherkirche of Apolda, Frauenkirche in Munich, Wieskirche
Steingaden, and even randomly throughout walking tours. Each time the singers under the direction of Mr. John Tebay have moved each audience they have sang for, whether it be the local
community, international visitors, Priests and Pastor as well as the Mayor of Weimar.
A special and unexpected highlight during their 2011 Incantato Performance Tour happened on Wednesday, July 6 as the students visited Neuschwanstein, the most famous of German King Ludwig II's
castle. Many people recognize this structure from Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" which was modeled after the original erected in the hills of Bavaria. Seeing Neuschwanstein is very special and the students thought it would be mostly to learn part of Germany's history, to see what a castle is like in real life. After realizing that Neuschwanstein features a "Singer's Hall", the members of the Fullerton College Concert Choir sure got their hopes up to sing. Given that this is a very popular and busy tourist attraction, the possibility did not seem high, however together with the help of the local tour guide, the magic moment was made possible. When the end of the castle tour approached, the choir assembled and got ready to sing. Once the singing began many of the other tour groups stopped to listen. By the end of "Psalm 57" everyone was in awe, even the students themselves. The room had wooden walls, a wooden ceiling, and a carpeted floor; they did not think the room's acoustics were conducive for their singing. But the opposite was the case. Everyone was so impressed with how they sounded in the room. The young Californians were thrilled for the chance to experience singing in a place that not many are able to. The other tourists visiting were so impressed; some took time from their tour to talk to some of the students.

Neuschwanstein is now so much more memorable because the choir had the
wonderful opportunity to sing in this magnificent castle!

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